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Doreen Amatelli MBA, CEC BCC, NLP

Doreen Amatelli is a board certified professional development coach and business consultant helping self-employed professionals to excel in their businesses.

She brings over 25 years business experience in management, marketing, research, sales, and finance working in large corporations like AT&T and Merck & Co as well as very small consulting companies with only 10 people. After making the jump to self-employment over 10 years ago, she has never looked back. She has started her own businesses and helped others start businesses from scratch. Her formal and on-the-job training has been the foundation to know what works and what doesn’t in terms of being self-employed and running a small business. Her passion is to share with others who are currently or are just starting their self-employment journey.

Doreen is a compassionate and intuitive listener and speaker who identifies practical yet creative options for helping self-employed professionals like consultants, coaches, real estate agents launch and thrive in their businesses. Through her workshops, training and coaching she offers cutting edge tools and techniques to help others achieve their goals.

She is also a certified practitioner in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) offering clients simple, easy to remember tools and techniques to speak directly to their subconscious and make the changes they need quickly so they can move forward toward their goals.

Doreen has appeared in various media channels including “How to Ask for a Raise” and NJBIZ feature article “Business Coaches Provide Personalized Direction, Fresh Ways of Thinking.”

M.B.A in BusinessB.S. in Marketing
Board Certified Coach
Certified Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching
Certified NLP Practitioner
International Coach Federation
Certified Marketing Research Professional

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