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MARKET RESEARCH TIP FOR SMALL BUSINESSES: Can bad market research destroy your relationships with customers? Be careful not to SUG or FRUG.

Am I speaking a different language? Not really. SUG and FRUG are two no-no’s in market research. SUG stands for “Selling Under the Guise” of market research. and FRUG is “Fund Raising Under the Guise” of market research. These two tactics are commonly used by novice marketers, but they are not market research techniques.

A SUG may sound something like this…”Hi there Mr. Potential Customer. I would like to get your opinion on my new product that I just introduced. It does X, Y and Z. Would you spare a few moments to answer some questions about my new product?”

Sounds fine so far, right? Well, it is a market research invitation up to this point. The issue comes in the next part.

After the person answers questions about the new product… “Thank you for your feedback. I see that you are interested in my product. Would you like to buy it?”

That’s where the research becomes a solicitation. At first the potential customer thinks he is just providing his opinion and feedback on the product, but in reality he is being set up to be sold to.

FRUG “Fund Raising Under the Guise” of market research is very similar to SUG where the person is solicited to donate money after they give their opinion about that cause, organization, etc.

In both of these cases, people may feel they have been tricked into giving their opinions.

It’s wise to simply avoid using these tactics since they may annoy or ulitmately destroy relationships you have built or are building with your customers. Rule of thumb, make your research about research, not a solicitation.


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